About Us

Mission Statement

Through love, ethically create an experience where passion and purpose come together to create a meaningful relationship with our customers and team members by being the store that best understands their needs.

Vision / Goal

As a family owned and operated business our ideas support this mission by offering service with honesty, integrity, excellence, creativity and passion. Replenish works relentlessly to offer most compelling shopping experience possible by providing the best achievable customer service, scientifically sound information through knowledgeable team members and ongoing public seminar, wide range of quality natural products that align with our value and revolutionary prices. While leading the way for socially conscious business.

In store or online where ever new opportunity arises, replenish continually strives to be the most recognized, respected and talked about store. Where customers and team members recommend their family, friends, neighbours and even strangers to shop at and are proud to associate with.

We don’t want to fit in with typical health store but stand out, we are and always have been on trend, never trendy we don’t support gimmicks or Fabs that change at the drop of a hat. Instead we listen to what customers want and adjust to suit your needs. We keep on top of the latest research, developments, and products so that our customers keep on top of their health and active style. By setting up an environment that appeals to all generation and consistently going the extra mile to add extra satisfaction to your shopping experience. We believe that shopping for natural products should be easy and fun, it should leave you feeling happy, empowered and thinking victory in health.

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